Pathology Core Facility (PCF)

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University

The Pathology Core Facility (PCF) is a centralized, comprehensive, core laboratory providing histology, immunohistochemistry, molecular analysis and extraction, and microscopic evaluation services for human tissue-based studies. We facilitate basic, translational, and clinical research at Northwestern University, with laboratories in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

We are College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited and CLIA certified with the capability to serve integral marker studies that require biomarker-based treatment arm assignment. In addition to core laboratory services, we perform procurement of fresh biospecimens for clinical trials and biobanking.

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Histology Lab

Histology Lab

The PCF Histology Laboratory offers expertise in processing and staining tissues. Tissue slides are prepared for analysis and for confirming diagnosis of pathologic conditions to support investigators in their studies... More...



Tissue microarray (TMA) technology allows for the efficient analysis of tissue from many samples. Different size diameter cores of tissue from over one-hundred tissue samples can be placed into an array ... More...

Immunohistochemistry Lab

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Lab

Skillful technical personnel can perform immunostaining on single tissue sections or TMA sections prepared by our histology laboratory or provided by the investigator. We offer a list of... More...

Molecular Lab

Molecular Lab

DNA and RNA extraction is requested in almost every clinical study to perform correlatives and for banking purposes. The PCF Molecular Laboratory is able to support this high volume request with a partly... More...

Microscopy Lab

Microscopy Lab

The review process has been enhanced and standardized. As first level check, the technicians examine the results microscopically, and check against a set of control slides as... More...

Bio Repository

Bio Repository

The PCF Bio-repository laboratory specializes in the procurement, processing, preservation and distribution of biospecimens collected for research purposes. Patient and biospecimen information... More...

Clinical Trials Unit (PCF-CTU)

In conjunction with the Cancer Center's Clinical Trials Office (CTO), the Pathology Core Facility's Clinical Trials Unit participates in both industry sponsored and investigator initiated clinical trials.

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Craig Horbinski, MD, PhD

Craig Horbinski, MD, PhD

Demirkan Gürsel, MSc, PhDScientific Director:
Demirkan Gürsel, MSc, PhD

Ra-el Henderson Research Lab Manager II:
Ra-el Henderson

Jeremy Mathews Research Project Manager:
Jeremy Mathews

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